When it comes to selecting fencing materials, there is a huge range to choose from; however, tropical hardwood is commonly the top choice for equine fencing.

Not only does the fence have to be high quality in both aesthetics and durability, but it has to ensure the safety of the horses on a daily basis. Tropical hardwood adds value to your property in all of these ways which is why Norton’s Fencing recommends De Sutter Naturally Tropical Hardwood.

What is Tropical Hardwood?

Tropical hardwood is a type of wood that originates from deciduous trees; this refers to trees that seasonally shed leaves. Some examples of deciduous trees include oak, maple, elm, birch and willow.

Benefits of Tropical Hardwood for Equine Fencing

Hardest & Most Durable Type of Wood

With the main clue in its name, Tropical Hardwood is within durability class 1 and is the hardest and toughest type of wood you can come across. This ultimately means that it can withstand the elements and any wear and tear from daily use. De Sutter Naturally always choose the highest quality and durability class when selecting their materials.

A Lifespan of Up to 30 Years

With its high durability class, this means your equine fencing can last for up to 30 years. This is nearly double for other softwood types and provides a reliable solution for your fencing requirements. With a sturdy and stable fence, you can guarantee your horse’s safety and have complete peace of mind.

Requires No Regular Maintenance

Also due to its incredible durability, Tropical Hardwood requires no maintenance to be kept to a high standard year-on-year. Its dense construction together with our pressure treatment, this material is also protected against insect attacks and rot. When choosing this wood type, all you have to do is design your fence, choose Norton’s Fencing to erect, and then admire.

Elegant Appearance & Long-lasting Quality

Tropical Hardwood is also a popular choice for equine fencing because of its elegant appearance which you know will last. Although a soft, grey patina may appear after a few years, this adds character to the material and still maintains its sophistication.

Different Style of Tropical Hardwood for Equine Fencing

So, you’ve chosen Tropical Hardwood for your equine fencing, but what style are you going to pick? De Sutter Naturally have a wide range available:

Royal Tropic Classic

Coined as classic for good reason, Royal Tropic Classic is a timeless style that will last with long lifespan of Tropical Hardwood. Stylish and a solid choice for your equine fencing, the square posts with the sharp diamond-shaped post tops gives an authentic finish to your design.

Royal Tropic Modern

With square posts and a rounded diamond-shaped top, Royal Tropic Modern made from Tropical Hardwood offers a contemporary finish to your equine fencing. Also, with the ability to be constructed without nails or screws, there is a seamless quality that elevates this further.

Royal Tropic Safety

The style of Royal Tropic Safety is slightly different to Modern and Classic. The continuous top rail and solid connection between the boards and posts guarantees extra safety in case of any falls when mounted on a horse.

Quality Equine Fencing from Norton’s Fencing

At Norton’s Fencing, we choose to supply Tropical Hardwood for our equine fencing solutions due to all of the reasons above. It is the highest quality and durability, as well as incredibly versatile and polished.

Give us a call today to discuss your equine fencing requirements.