Field gates are used to secure and give access to pastures and fields. Because of their important uses, choosing the right type of field gate is imperative in ensuring you have access to your space, without compromising the security of it. Here is a guide to the different types of field gates.

Wooden Gates

Wood is the traditional material used for field gates. Nortons Fencing uses De Sutter Naturally, who produce and install a variety of wooden field gates. The use of wood often gets criticism as it is prone to rotting. However, De Sutter Naturally has a 20-year anti-rot guarantee for your peace of mind. Their gates are also made of tropical hardwood with durability class 1, meaning the gates are extremely robust.

Gate Hardware

In addition to this, the gate hardware is also particularly important to ensure robustness. Use of stainless-steel safety bolts that twist into each other mean the gate can be safely used from both sides and hung as either right or left-handed. These gates are also less likely to sag or bend due to the slanting top rail which lessens the weight on the end side.

Size of the Field Gate

Making sure the gate is the correct size for its use is also an important factor to consider. For example, if livestock need access through this gate, ensure it is large enough to accommodate them. It is recommended to therefore measure the space where the gate will be, so there is adequate space to open and close it.


Adding a field gate to your property can increase security, especially if you’re concerned about horses or other animals being stolen from pastures or paddocks. If this is a priority for you, it is recommended to fit your gate with an anti-theft bolt. This bolt can be used in double field gates and can easily prevent anyone else from opening and closing the gate.

Overall, choosing the right field gate for your needs can require research and consideration. It’s important to think about the intended use of the field gate to ensure you make the right decisions for you. Factors such as security, size and material can all make a difference to which may be the right field gate for you.

At Nortons Fencing, we supply different types of field gates, in particular, De Sutter Naturally wooden gates that are of the highest quality. For more information about our field gate options, contact us today.