De Sutter Naturally is the European reference in high-quality fences, gates and shelters. For 45 years now, they have been the European market leader for equestrian fencing and this is because of their quality, safety and sustainability values.

The business choices they have made over the years strongly reflect their corporate social responsibility and how they think about the future. Here are the environmental benefits of De Sutter Naturally fencing products and why they are our number one choice.

De Sutter Naturally & Sustainability

Locally & Sustainably Sourced Wood

De Sutter Naturally only use wood from forests that are managed responsibly and sustainably and is logged according to local and international legislation. Straight from the source, they select their material using strict quality criteria, choosing the highest quality and durability class.

Their hardwood is FSC® labelled which means trees are harvested responsibly and contribute to the mission to ensure thriving forests for all, forever. Their pine wood has a PEFC label which reflects the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and means that this wood is sourced from sustainable forest management.

Energy Efficient Waste Management

During the manufacture of pasture posts and boards, De Sutter Naturally aim to leave as little residual wood as possible. If there is any material left over, this will be processed into wood chips which will be used as fuel for their central heating. This results in reduced waste, valuable commodities are not lost and less money is to be spent on fossil fuels for heating.

Sustainable On-Site Facilities

The facility De Sutter Naturally operate in is completely CO2 neutral. This wooden building uses solar panels, a solar boiler and a boiler running on wood chips which means they run an ecologically, energy-neutral facility. Additionally, their high-tech, computer-controlled CNC woodworking machines guarantee accuracy of up to 0.1mm so, not only do they produce equestrian fencing with the highest degree of finish, but they are also wasting as little wood as possible.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Solutions

De Sutter Naturally have an Infinity range made from RECO material; this is raw material composed of recycled plastic composite or 100% recycled plastic. Named Infinity due to the end product having the ability to be infinitely recycled, this is one of the most ecological solutions on the market. De Sutter’s quality is not compromised; the Infinity range is eco-friendly, sturdy-safe, colourfast, and withstands the test of time.

De Sutter Naturally Fencing from Norton’s Fencing

At Norton’s Fencing, we believe the De Sutter Naturally Fencing range is a worthwhile investment as it provides a longer lifespan, more wellbeing for your animals, and a 20-year anti-rot guarantee. We believe it adds value to your property and delivers the best finish you could ask for.

Are you interested in De Sutter Naturally wood for your equine fencingGet in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.